The vision behind drinkable genius

Drinkable Genius was founded in 2015 to be a new style of hands-on consulting. In a world where consultants send others in to do the dirty work, our style translates as getting involved in the very processes that make their business or event tick, and not being afraid to interact with the customer/guest base and promote the client wholeheartedly, all while gaining an intimate knowledge of how we can be of the most use to the client at the time of hire. Simply stated, that means that every client's contract is tailor-made to exactly what you need.

The Philosophy, Logo, and Name

Being a jack-of-all-trades means that we are sometimes also a master-of-none, and if we can't provide a complete service by ourselves, we find the right person for the job, and hire them under the Drinkable Genius umbrella for your specific contract. We believe in small business, in being creative while also being smart, and in doing something right the first time. We think that our world could use a little more working together, and a little less getting ahead at the expense of others. If this vision aligns with your own, please consider reaching out to us for your business or event.

We believe in regenerative ideas and creation, which first inspired the tree inside a lightbulb as a series of tattoos. The same image has progressed to symbolize creativity, genius, and cocktail garnishes. The pineapple is a well-known symbol of friendship, welcome, and hospitality. It is widely used in the cocktail-making community, and it is something that Drinkable Genius actively embodies in all things. We feel that these two images concisely describe our passion for making good work in our industry. 

Our name, Drinkable Genius, is our way of summarizing what we do: we bring an exceptional capacity and knowledge to your beverage program, social media presence, or event. We believe this dedication to excellence will, in turn, elevate your expertise and reach, in a way that feels organic to you.