Who is Chelsea Gregoire?


Chelsea Gregoire gives a damn about giving a damn. In every capacity of the service industry, she studied spirits, wine, beer, coffee, tea, and food, and then combined them with her vast experience in hospitality, branding, marketing, and writing, to create Drinkable Genius in 2015. In addition to consulting on bar programs both new and existing, she uses her experience in the hospitality industry to work with brands and organizations to elevate their social media presence and grow their audience. She is a helping hand to national and regional bartender conferences, and an active member of the national cocktail community. 

She has a Masters degree in theology, which has helped her to understand human beings and our innate need for belonging and connection. She is a Baltimore native, an urbanite with a love for nature, and is obsessed with tacos and the drinks that go with them (hint: any drink goes great with a taco). She married her partner in life and work, Shandi, in 2016, and is a proud cat parent to Bear.