The approach

Sometimes, the term "consultant" is too stuffy. We prefer to be your partner in making something great. We'll ask a lot of questions, we'll drink a lot of coffee, and we'll make things happen together. The rising tide raises all ships.




For the bar program

  • We'll develop a complete beverage list or some new drinks to add refreshing twists to your already existing menu. Our philosophy is to craft your menu using the perfect combination of classics, innovative riffs, and modern tipples.
  • Sometimes, tracking down all of the right elements, from spirits, beer, and wine, to the perfect staff for your upcoming venture, is tough! We're here to help with any and all of these processes.
  • We specialize in spreadsheet magic, keeping your cost-profit analysis, inventory, recipe matrices, and pricing organized.
  • One of our favorite things is teaching, so we offer skills-based staff training, with a backbone of knowledge, tastings, and an emphasis on exceptional customer service.
  • For all other matters where you might need an experienced opinion, like acquiring the best tools or setting the bar for efficiency, we're happy to lend an ear and our thoughts.

For the event

  • When it comes to events, you shouldn't have to worry about thinking of drinks that make everyone happy. It's our pleasure to take the responsibility of developing a versatile and tasty menu off of your shoulders.
  • We work with you and your budget to find the best ingredients at the lowest cost for your event. Even if you have a limited budget, we'll help you make smart compromises without ever having to compromise quality.
  • Making drinks for your crew means that, for the night, they are our crew too. We'll make sure they feel right at home with the best hospitality.
  • For all of your miscellaneous needs, we also know a thing or two about designing visually captivating menus, suggested food and drink pairings, and making sure you have the proper glassware.


For the individual, or group of friends

  • Throw a cocktail party at home for your friends: we'll help you pick the booze, make a menu, and keep the drinks coming!
  • Enjoy a cocktail class at home with your comrades: pick your focus, and we'll talk, learn, drink, and make together.
  • Got something else in mind? Shoot us an email here, and we'll do our best to make it happen.